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For Sale Tournament

For Sale Tournament



On September 16, 2017, 40 brave humans took on Decisive at the family favourite board game For Sale, and one lucky player took home a cash prize!

Intended to test Decisive against human opponents, the tournament was such a success that we had to turn people away at the door! Decisive came in 7th and humans had a ton of fun playing an AI.


For Sale is a game full of luck, randomness, and intuition. Sometimes you need to play the players, and people don't always make the most rational moves. The tournament was very useful and exposed our AI to the way different humans play a game.


We also received amazing positive feedback from our players and had a ton of fun ourselves!


The rules are simple, the strategy is complex!

For Sale is a game that combines cold logic, intuition, luck and bluffing. It also has several elements present in most video games, including randomness and simultaneous play. 


We knew that it would be a fun challenge to create an Intelligent Artificial Player that could be competitive at this type of game.


Not only that, it is simple to learn, short, and fun, as well as family friendly and enjoyable for all ages, allowing everyone to have fun at our tournament, no matter their skill level.

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