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The technology of BLOOD & HONOR's AIs

Millions of games were needed to populate an incredible global leaderboard with artificial players ready and waiting for humans to challenge them. We have trained hundreds of artificial players for every level, from beginner to expert, so that every human can have fun!

We learned the process of creating fun opponents for gamers, and that a backend service is critical to enable the matching of humans and AIs. Humans need other players to play a multiplayer game, and they want them fast and in the right skill level. Artificial players in an AI-aware backend fit this need perfectly.


Ready to play a game against a real AI? 

Show the octopus who's boss in Blood & Honor, available on Google Play and the App Store.


Play alongside other humans from around the world against real AIs that taught themselves how to play through millions of games of practice. Everyone is in the same global leaderboard, so you'll have a chance to knock them off the top spot.

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